This section is designed to provide you with financial resources and information that will assist you in gaining greater financial knowledge and independence. Click on any of the underlined links below to go to these resources.

Financial Education – Visit Rural Dynamics web site for financial education workshops, programs and classes.

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) – Visit Rural Dynamics web site for information on Business IDAs and a personal money match program.

Youth Financial Literacy Program: With the collaboration of the National Disability Institute, Rural Dynamics and MonTECH; MATL is forming a youth financial literacy program. Stay tuned for more information on this coming soon.

First Nations Development Institute: InvestNative.  This is a financial education online website curriculm that consists of nine ‘moduals’ for a learner to go through to learn about financial education. The site is free, and is geared towards young Native Americans in Canada and the United States.