You can download the application in PDF format by using this link: Loan Application Packet.

If you would like to fill out the form by hand; (1.) download the PDF to your desktop, (2.) open it and then (3.) print it. Printing the PDF application from your desktop will include the check boxes and form field lines for you to use when filling out the form.

Please review the list below and gather all documents you may need before filling out the application.

  • Primary Form of Identification: i.e. Montana State ID
  • Secondary Form of Identification: i.e Social Security card or utility bill
  • Equipment Verification Documents: i.e print-out of a website page, estimate from a manufacturer, etc
  • Proof of Income: i.e: pay stubs, SSI award letter, etc
  • Other Personal Documentation: Letters of support, other items requested or needed by the loan review committee
  • Estimate of Insurance: (Vehicle Loans only)

If you need assistance, please contact us

Please ensure that the following sections are completed and signed before returning this application packet to RDI Community Lending.

  • Application Letter
  • Estimated Monthly Expenses Worksheet
  • Credit Application
  • Consent to Release Confidential Information
  • Federal Sale of Insurance Disclosure
  • Equipment Verification Documents
  • Proof of Income
  • Other Personal Documentation
  • Proof of Insurance for vehicle loans and modifications