Download the application in PDF format by using this link: Loan Application Packet.

This is the full printable application to download as well as the application separated in case you lose or make errors on your application and wish to reprint. Adobe Reader, is required to open the PDF loan documents. You can download Acrobat Reader for free at:

Montana Consumer Loan License NMLS ID: 1677492

If you are a person with a disability or are the caregiver for someone who is, then you understand how important assistive technology can be for the overall quality of life. The Montana Assistive Technology Loan, or MATL, provides individuals with an opportunity to purchase assistive technology such as general aid devices, home/vehicle modifications, prosthetics/orthotics, and communication devices.


  • Loans up to 1,500 are 0% interest.
  • Loans from $1,500+ are 3.5% fixed.
  • Montanans who need assistive devices and services are eligible to apply.
  • MATL can assist people of all ages, disabilities, and health conditions.
  • People of all income levels may apply for a loan. An applicant must have an ability and willingness to repay a loan.

The Montana Assisted Technology Loan Program eligibility parameters are:

  • Any Montanan with a disability.
  • A family member or guardian borrowing on behalf of a Montanan with a disability.
  • An active member of the United States military stationed in Montana.
Eligibility does not guarantee a loan, however MATL offers a variety of financial services.

Gather all documents you may need before filling out the application:

  • Primary Form of Identification: i.e. Montana State ID
  • Secondary Form of Identification: i.e Social Security card or utility bill
  • Equipment Verification Documents: i.e print-out of a website page, estimate from a manufacturer, etc
  • Proof of Income: i.e: pay stubs, SSI award letter, etc
  • Other Personal Documentation: Letters of support, other items requested or needed by the loan review committee
  • Estimate of Insurance: (Vehicle Loans only)

If you need further assistance, contact us or call Rural Dynamics at 406.454.5709.